Tuesday, 13 November 2018

The joys of 'adult' conversations!

It really is exciting being a grown up isn't it!!

Here are some insights into conversations I've actually had recently -

Yesterday I grated my thumb with the cheese grater!  I was then advised that holding a piece of bread on top of the cheese when grating, stops you from grating your fingers when the cheese runs out!

Morning!  The news says Megan (the Duchess of Sussex) is expecting, and by the way have you fed the fish! 

Discussions with my friends surrounding how best to fold bed sheets and duvets for easy storage!  (We used to talk about nail varnish and shoes - I think - seems like a lifetime ago!)

Conversations with my mum over the best loo cleaner! (Bloo or Harpic?? What do we all think?!!) 

Can you bring a cabbage home please! 

And of course not forgetting the endless discussions with an 8 year old (for those who see my Facebook page you'll know the '8 year old wisdoms'  -  'Juveniles' and 'The Beth!') 

Finally I'll end with some memorable conversations had with my 5 year old - 

Why are your trousers on backwards?
How long have you been running around with your trousers on backwards?
Don't throw your pants down the stairs! 

Have a lovely day everyone! Xx

Monday, 22 October 2018

Strictly madness

Saturday evenings, end of the school week, antibiotics and 'Strictly' seem to have had a very strange effect on my children!

The other week when they had 'movie week' and the first performance was to a song from 'Mamma Mia' - the set looked like Mamma Mia, the dancers were dressed to reflect Mamma Mia, both Tess and the announcer said they were dancing to a song from Mamma Mia, and the song was obviously an Abba song from Mamma Mia - right at the start, 3 seconds in, 8-year-old asks 'is this a song from Mamma Mia!'

Then further in the show, when someone was obviously dressed as Spider Man, can you guess what 5-year-old asked!!

This madness was followed by 5-year-old starting to sing some George Ezra lyrics, from 'Paradise.'  Only to start with, until we realised what he was trying to say, it really sounded like he was swearing!  '................your bloody things, your bloody things' over and over again!  To anyone whose not caught on it's - 'if it feels like paradise running through you bloody VEINS!' 

He followed on his 5 minutes of madness by gluing his current 'masterpiece' to the wall! Yes gluing!  Luckily I caught him and the wall paper survived!

Originally I wasn't sure how to end this post, and then as if by magic, 5-year-old announces he's allergic to cockatoo's!  And there we have it! 😂😂

Have a lovely evening everyone! Xx

Sunday, 7 October 2018

Zog, Maya and Mary

So you may have noticed I haven't been on this planet for a while!  Truth is, I took a trip to another planet, 'Planet Zog!' 

Since the end of August someone in our house has been coughing continuously!  My 5-year-old started it before even going back to school in September, then my daughter followed suite as per my previous post 'Planet Zog'  And finally they lovingly shared their germs with Mummy and Daddy! 

It's been horrendous, feeling like I have the flu every other day, not wanting wine!  And the hacking cough that won't let up that finally saw me and my 8-year-old go arm in arm to the doctor for antibiotics.

Anyway, although I feel like I've lost a month somewhere, and have been just 'getting by' instead of living, my daughter has created, and put her all into, 2 school projects (whilst coughing!)

She asked me to include them in my blog so here we go:

#1  Mayan art.

The Maya produced some of the finest art from Mexico and Central America.  Some of the Maya's most striking pieces of art were portraits of themselves. This however, is not a portrait of my 8-year-old!  But she's very proud of it and she put so much effort into it, all her own work, year 4 obviously agrees with her!

#2  Mary Seacole

Mary Seacole was famous for healing and care of the wounded in the Crimean War.  She was also well known for wearing bright colours and ribbons so my daughter has incorporated this in her design of her article about Mary Seacole.

So this is my blog about Zog, Maya and Mary.  Have a good Sunday evening all, I will be hitting the antibiotics again later and dreaming about the wine!

Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Planet Zog

There's a place my children go, when they're woken from a deep sleep, but not completely awake, or poorly and high on Calpol!  I call it 'Planet Zog!'

My daughter visited Planet Zog recently when poorly.

The first clue she gave me of her whereabouts was after getting home from school feeling terrible, she had fallen asleep on her bed fully clothed.  I had gone up and changed her into her pyjamas which she appeared to wake up for, but later proved not.  She slept for 2 hours during the evening and upon waking up asked:

Has my brother been to bed?

Little brother then asked something about dinner, I replied 'yes I'm doing it now,' to which daughter says 'but dinner's later.'  I have to explain that dinner hasn't happened yet, it's 6.30 and it's still Tuesday!

Questions that followed were:

Why am I in my pyjamas?
Are you sure it's Tuesday?  It was a bit like talking to a drunk person!
and most importantly, have I missed the Bake Off!

So after a sleepless night with a hacking cough, temperature etc, she is off school for a couple of days and the following night she falls asleep (at the right time of night this time) but unbeknown to me she has put a fleece poncho on before falling asleep, using it like a dressing gown I guess.  I don't like them falling asleep with something that could potentially be tight around their necks, so I half wake her up to take it off her.  Again I'm fooled into thinking she is actually awake as she starts talking to me, but I soon realise she is again on 'Zog' as she starts bashing her head and talking gibberish!

And on the final night of her mini break to 'Zog' she wakes during the night and stumbles around.  I get out of bed to check on her and find her sitting on the floor in the doorway of her brother's room.  I ask if she needs the loo to which she nods 'yes.'   I guide her into the bathroom to which she starts doing all the right things, then turns round catches sight of me in the doorway and says 'I'M GOING TO THE TOILET' and slams the door in my face!

So I'm stood there waiting for her, not sure whether to laugh or not!  She finishes her business and opens the door and greets me with 'OH WHAT ARE YOU DOING THERE!'  And stomps back to bed!

The next morning we seem to return to normal.

'Til next time 'Zog!'


Wednesday, 12 September 2018



They say when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.  Or in my 8-year-old's case this morning, warm lemon squash (because we didn't have any lemons and she is off school with a bad cough and generally feeling meh).

I find life throws lemons at you all the time to be honest, a lot of the time it's how you deal with it that deciphers whether you consider it a crisis or not.

Truth is, I have been a bit lost on the blogging front.  To continue blogging, or not?  To take my website down, or not?  The summer holidays were so busy and towards the end I didn't have time to write anything even though the little darlings were providing hourly inspiration!  So having had a couple of weeks off, I feel a bit like I need to decide the way forward.............................

My 'lemons' this week are -  lunch with my Mum yesterday getting disturbed by the school sending 8-year-old home sick.  This morning it's raining and the traffic was horrendous taking 5-year-old to school, and I'm sitting here beside 8-year-old who is watching Harry Potter, and trying to write a meaningful post!

So, my decision is - I will continue with the blog when the inspiration strikes, and uploading a new instalment to my Channillo series every fortnight (after all I want enough material for a sequel to the book for next year!)  However, my decision is to withdraw my website for the time being as it costs to keep it and really I'm not happy with it's design, and to be honest it's just the same information you can get from my blog.  

Don't forget to check out my book which is still available on Amazon, and if you're reading this you've probably already seen my new look blog. 

Much love everybody xx


So after taking slightly longer than planned off from blogging, the kids are now back at school.

I found the whole holiday a lot easier this year, I think I was ready for all the fighting over toys.  Braced myself in advance!  However, it's never what you expect is it?!  There was hardly any arguing over toys, instead the 'new 5-year-old' took to moaning about just about everything!  Took him to Build a Bear over the long weekend, as an extra birthday treat, even this resulted in endless complaints because the dinosaur he built couldn't have the outfits on sale!  (His sister has a rabbit that she has outfits for).  Correct me if I'm wrong but how many dinosaurs have you seen wearing t-shirts and skirts!  Anyway, meet 'Rexy!'

I actually think Rexy is quite sweet being carried along in the back pack!

We haven't stopped this summer.  I decided to end the holiday, by investing in 2 new 'easy build ' (yeah right!) clip together wardrobes for the kids rooms.  Literally they are 10 or 12 cube shapes that you clip all the sides together with these stupid plastic clip things, fine once they're up but as you build higher, and the lower ones start 'pinging' out as your trying to fasten the top ones, stress levels increase!  My son's one actually fell on me at one point, I was somewhere under a pile of clothes and plastic panels!

So I hope the kids had a good break, fun packed, they'll probably be glad of school for a sit down!

Happy New School Year everyone! xx

Wednesday, 22 August 2018

5 is the new 4

So my 4-year-old is 5 tomorrow!

He's already had a little party with some friends, 2 1/2 hours of little boys (& a couple of girls) charging round our house!

But they enjoyed themselves and I enjoyed the compulsory glass of wine that every parent needs following a kids party!

So as I did with my blog post after my daughters birthday, here's the baby versus the almost 5-year-old pics!

Pictured above with his big sister as it's one of the only decent and recent pictures I have of him!

I can't believe where the time has gone to be honest, or that he has finished 1 year of school, about to start the next and just as he reaches 5, some of his friends will start turning 6!

So happy end of the summer holidays to you all.  In 13 days they return to school and we can all start cursing the alarm clock again!!